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entrepreneur MEMBERSHIP

Our Professional membership offers young & established entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with fellow multi-sector professionals, Entrepreneurs & leaders across the midlands region through a variety of networking events, entrepreneurial development workshops, and online sessions.


Entrepreneur members will gain access to a range of opportunities that will develop skills, build a team, and enhance business growth.

entrepreneur membership features

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engage with multi-sector professionals, entrepreneurs & leaders within region through our regular networking events, panel discussions, and insight sessions

networking events & Panel discussions

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online learning & self-development tools

entrepreneur members will be able to use to our online forum and gain access to Professional development, recruitment & HR tools, business growth information, as well as our online learning platform in partnership with oxbridge.

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Professional development boosts confidence and credibility.

you will gain access to professional development opportunities for career growth & expand your knowledge base.

entrepreneurial development

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TAG Network midlands members can gain access to online video content & resources through our exclusive online platform to enhance learning & development.

online sessions & content

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our entrepreneur platforms with enable fellow business owners to connect, share knowledge, and strategic ideas, and join us alternative board where managing directors, founders, and ceo's will have the opportunity to solve business/sector issues

business support

we have a list of membership associates who have partnered with us to provide free, discounted, or exclusive services for our entrepreneur members 

professional membership benefits & loyalty privileges