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Effective development and leadership skills are essential. Whether you’re looking to improve your core leadership skills or need the insights and tools to implement change in your organisation, our programs are explicitly designed to address key needs at specific career stages that will help you maximise your impact.

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Audience at Lecture

Transform your professional life through opportunities with TAG Network Midlands' Skills Academy. 

Our Professional Development Programmes and Leadership Courses will bring you to the heart of business, whilst immersing you in commercial awareness, impactful knowledge, as well as providing you with transferable and actionable skills that you can use both immediately and over the long term.

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TAG Network Midlands' Skills Academy provide access to online courses and bespoke workshops to help organisations develop their team's skillset with ease.


Our Skills Academy ensures that organisations can effectively support their team members with additional learning and professional / leadership development opportunities, helping them to thrive within the organisation, and reach their full potential.

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online courses

At TAG Network Midlands Skills Academy, you can access a wide range of online courses designed to help you build the skills you need to succeed in the workplace.


We provide a diverse range of content that covers a variety of topics and with the addition of our partnerships with leading educational institutions we aim to help individuals from all backgrounds gain the skills they need.


Take your career to the next level with our amazing online courses today!

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