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Become A Member

By becoming a member of TAG Network Midlands, you will gain access to tailored benefits such as free or discounted events and networking opportunities, a wide range of business resources, development services, and more.


Join us TODAY as we will give you an opportunity to experience all of these essential benefits and get ahead in your career or business.

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TAG Network Midlands' Professional Membership offers young & established professionals the opportunity to connect with fellow multi-sector professionals, Entrepreneurs & Leaders across the Midlands region through a variety of networking events, development programmes, online sessions, as well as training courses to support 360° professional development.


This specific membership offers our professional members a variety of opportunities to keep individuals super-connected throughout their professional growth.



TAG Network Midlands' Entrepreneur Membership offers a variety of developmental and insight events aimed to directly help Founders/Directors within Start-up's, Micro-Businesses, SME's and Scale-up's to achieve growth.


Our Entrepreneurial Frontiers; masterclasses, networking events and sessions are designed to share authentic experiences and provide in depth knowledge from business influencers and successful entrepreneurs within Midlands business community.

Entrepreneur members will gain access to a range of opportunities that will develop skills, build a team, and enhance business growth.



TAG Network Midlands' Leader Membership offering developmental and insight events aimed to directly help Leaders within large Corporations, established Institutions, and SME's to achieve leadership progression.


Understanding the values of establishing directional purpose and building robust leadership expertise to aid organisational sustainability, sector growth, strategic partnerships/collaborations, and creating an impact or legacy.

Supporting our Leader members in growing their network, raising their leadership profile, as well as participating in leadership training is at the core of our delivery.

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