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About Us

TAG Network Midlands was established in 2014 with a vision to create a multi-sector platform to help Trainees, Apprentices, Graduates, and Young Professionals (aged 18-35) with an opportunity to connect with established and successful Professionals, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs.


With growth prospects within the region and across various sectors emerging, we provide change-makers and business leaders with knowledge and expertise required to engage with a wider network of individuals.

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Team Development & Training

We understand the importance and value of providing training in the workplace as an opportunity to expand the knowledge-base of all employees.

TAG Network Midlands deliver bespoke training sessions and solutions for organisations to support and develop their teams, producing both the individuals and the company with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.

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As part of our commitment to supporting emerging talent, we are excited to offer opportunities for mentees through TAG Network Midlands' Mentoring Programme and Group Mentoring Sessions.


This initiative will provide much-needed guidance and assistance to students, graduates, young professionals, and entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 35 across the region.


We are proud to be involved in supporting the next generation of leaders and look forward to seeing the positive impact this programme will have on the wider business community.


Careers Forum

TAG Network Midlands' Careers Forum is a sharing platform for organisations and educational institutions to disseminate multi-sector career opportunities within the region, ranging from work experience placements, graduate/trainee programmes or apprenticeship-level roles (and other early year stage opportunities) all the way up to leadership vacancies.

Individuals can access this service to find their next career path and help them to take a step closer to achieving their career goals.

Careers Forum
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Our community networks bring together individuals with a shared passion for creating better led future for the region. By working together, we aim to have a greater impact and make positive changes in the workplace, for economic growth and succession, for talent generation, and for the Midlands.


Our collaborative efforts with industry and academia will lead to innovative solutions for the most pressing social and economic challenges in the region. We aim to play a pivotal role in driving growth and development within the business community. 


By combining expertise and resources, we are committed to making and achieving sustainable outcomes for communities. Together we will transform the region and create a prosperous and inclusive future for all. 

Community Networks
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