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Benefits of becoming a TAG Network Midlands' Young Professional Board Member

aspects of the Young professional board member role:

  • reinforcing the vision, mission and values of tag nETWORK mIDLANDS

  • setting strategy and structure for initiatives developed to support young people

  • raising the brand profile across various sectors & organisations in the region

  • demonstrating accountability to shareholders & STAKEHOLDERS


You will gain access to:

  • Engage with multi-sector Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Leaders within the Midlands region to build your professional/personal brand

  • Governance Training Programme

  • Mentoring by TAG Network Midlands NED Board & Leader Members

  • Free & Discount TAG Network Midlands Events & Online Sessions

  • Leadership Development 

  • Engage with fellow Young Professional Board members to learn skills and gain further development

  • Create projects that will have an impact within the community

Image by Jason Goodman

application criteria

To apply to join TAG Network Midlands Young Professional Board 2022 - 2023, you must be:

  • Aged 18 - 35

  • Live or Work in the Midlands region

  • Able to commit to attending monthly Board meetings (in-person & online)

  • Able to commit to 1-year engagement within the role

  • able to attend tag network midlands young professional events / professional development sessions

  • Able to work in an inclusive team and in a collaborative environment.

  • Keen to develop as well as use existing skills

Young Businesspeople

application process

Our TAG Network Midlands application process is transparent and all applications will be assessed equally.

Please read the following processes:

  • 26th April 2022 - Online Applications & Video Applications are open until Monday 6th june 2022 at 11pm deadline.

  • 6th june 2022 - Online Applications & Video Submissions close.

  • 10th june 2022 - 'blind' Shortlisting & Feedback

  • 13th june 2022 - 20th June 2022 Candidate Interviews

  • 27th June 2022 - Zoom/in-person Interview with Final Stage Applicants 

  • 29th June 2022 - Successful Candidates/New Board Members will be contacted

Please note: If you are opting to send additional or supporting information in the form of a two-minute video, please send via WeTransfer or Google Drive to on, or before the deadline specified.

Young Businesswomen
Image by Headway

application guidance

As we are looking to appoint exceptional talent within the Midlands region, here are a few things that will help you to stand out during the application process.

Tip #1

Show Us Who You Are...

You have the opportunity to create a 2-minute video to support your application. Show us your personality!

Tip #2

Be Yourself!

We want to understand who you are and what drives you! 

Tip #3

What Are You Passionate About & Why Is This Opportunity Beneficial!

You must also start with the end in mind... for instance, what do you hope to achieve during your time on the Young Professional Board?, what legacy are you looking to create?, and how will you help to support young peers within the region? 

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe

Tip #4

you've got skills!

tell us more about your transferable skills  and why they will be relevant for this role.

Tip #5

understand the organisation

There are many ways to research our organisation, please ensure that you take the time to understand our brand

Tip #6

be open to new opportunities to develop yourself

think about your professional and personal development journey and tell us about what you want to gain from this young professional board role, as well as how you will challenge yourself

TIP #7 


Before you apply, consider the level of commitment you will be able to bring to the opportunity.

TIP #8 

additional questions

if you are successfully invited to subsequent interview stages during the process, you will have an opportunity to ask direct questions to our young professional board...  Have your questions ready!

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