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Your membership will give you access to:

Meet other Trainees, Apprentices, Graduates, Students, Young Entrepreneurs & Professionals within the Midlands region

Monthly Professional & Social Networking Events

Exclusive Members only activities

Learning and empowerment opportunities

Career development programmes, Workshops & Insight sessions

Career development programmes, Workshops & Insight sessions

Engage with industry leaders

An opportunity to be selected to showcase your talent and personal achievements in TAG Network Midlands' Spotlight feature edition

Join TAG Network Midlands

Become part of the fast growing network community of friendly individuals within the Midlands

Go & Network

Pick from a selection of networking and social events each month

Achieve growth for our own professional & personal development

Make New Connections

Meet lots of like-minded Trainees, Apprentices, Graduates, Students & Young Professionals looking to engage with other members within our community

Engage & Be Empowered

Gain sector insight & sector knowledge, work on your professional & career development


Our membership is for individuals who want the chance to grow their professional network, be empowered by personal development opportunities that will challenge, and  gain multi-sector knowledge.

Q. How much is it to become a member?
A. Our Individual Membership is £80 in total per year
Q. Do you have payment options?
A. Indeed we do!  You can choose our Individual Membership Plan option which is: £25 Upfront Registration Fee plus  5 monthly payments of just £11
​Q. How long does it take to apply for membership?
A. It just takes a matter of seconds! Simply pay the £25 registration fee via Debit or Credit Card and £11 monthly direct debit will be arranged for the following calendar month.
Q. How quickly can I access the features of the membership?
A. Simply fill in the Application Form and you'll receive confirmation of your membership being processed. You will begin to receive email notifications about your automatic access to all membership features and benefits.
Q. Can I join as an individual or do I need to request to join through my employer?
A. You can join as an individual or via your employer. If your organisation will be securing your membership, please refer to our CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES.
Q. Can I recommend a friend to join?
A. Absolutely! For each friend or colleague you introduce as a member, you will receive a gesture of our appreciation.
Q. As a member, how many events can I book onto per month?
A. The short answer is... as many as you like!
We host a minimum of two events per month ranging from Professional and Social networking events, Development sessions, Members only initiatives... and more! You are welcome to make the most out of your membership with us and become SUPER CONNECTED


An online platform created to support Professionals, Graduates, Students & Entrepreneurs to connect with each other and provide opportunities across the Midlands!


Join professional peers and share your thoughts, participate in open discussions, find professional & social events to attend, or promote yourself!!! Build or expand your professional network!


Simply APPLY for your Corporate or Individual Membership now and gain full access to this essential resource, plus other value added advantages!

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