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Community Networks

Expanding your network is all about widening your perspective. By cultivating a diverse group of connections, you expose yourself to different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints.


Joining our Community Networks will broaden your horizons and keep you connected with like-minded peers who share your interests and passions. Our networks provide a platform for exploration, knowledge sharing, fresh ideas, and partnership building. It can also help you better understand the different needs, challenges and opportunities of the world around you.


So, if you value open-mindedness and want to foster collaboration and learning, join our Community Networks today.



We are passionate about nurturing a strong pipeline of young leaders in the region. Our mission is to empower a diverse network of emerging leaders  (aged 18-35) from various industries within the Midlands region to work together towards creating a more inclusive and sustainable future.

We aim to accelerate the impact of this community by fostering collaboration and encouraging the exchange of ideas, insights, and best practices. By bringing together people with different perspectives and expertise, we believe we can drive positive change and create a better future for all.

This will be achieved through providing resources; professional development, creating a support network of peers and leaders across various sectors, and the implementation of mentorship programmes.

Women In Leadership Panel Discussion


Our commitment to diversity in leadership and management is rooted in its significance for effective direction. As every-day champions of women's development, we believe that diversity enables us to cultivate a culture of innovation, success, and a pipeline of female leaders.


TAG Network Midlands' Women In Leadership offers leadership training and personalised development programmes to help women reach their full potential. Fostering inclusivity and equity will help pave the way for a diverse workforce, and contribute to a more prosperous and equitable society.


We also encourage our male counterparts to join us and actively support women at work, promoting strategies for balance within organisations.

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Creating a platform to connect ethnically diverse professionals. leaders, and students from various sectors increases accessibility and visibility of role models, provide access to professional opportunities, and offer professional support.

By focusing on helping self-sustainable education, addressing the unique challenges faced by different community groups, and working towards effective solutions that will support generations. Through collaboration and networking, we can build a stronger community and empower participants to achieve bigger goals.

Professional Attending a Seminar


Welcome to our Midlands Leaders Network, an integral part of our Leadership Collective membership and an additional platform we provide for individuals to share knowledge and best practices, collaborate and build sustainable business partnerships.

We are also proud to support emerging and established leaders with an opportunity to participant in special initiatives that provide advocacy for employability, education, leadership, business growth, and community engagement.


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