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Inspired By Series 1: Episode 1 - Tara Attfield-Tomes, Founder of East Village PR


DURATION: 37 minutes


We’ve all heard the saying ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ haven’t we? For this kick-starter episode of 'Inspired By' our special guest is multi-award winning PR extraordinaire, Tara Attfield-Tomes.

Tara is living, breathing proof that it’s true. Tara’s superpower is bringing fun and joy into everything she does, through her team and through her charitable work.

Tara shares about the ups and downs of hiring a team that ‘gets it’, how she only does work that lights her up and supports her values, and how she’s been inadvertently manifesting a ‘lucky girl’ lifestyle from the moment she started her career in PR back in uni.

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