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Welcome To The Latest Issue of TAG Network Insider Magazine #InclusiveLeader #TheIncredibles

Our exciting edition including special features from Business Leaders; Ninder Johal DL, Mark O'Sullivan, Dee Kundi, Evelyn Armstrong, Stu Wood, Anita Chumber, Ifraz Ahmed, Kim Leary, Sandeep Nandra, Gurote Nandra, Jamil Shabir, Jason Blakey & Daniella Genas with Young Professionals; Naomi Aly, Anna Mitchell, Matt Barnsley & Karn Sylvester.

*Exclusive News* TAG Network Midlands Bright Thinking Project in support of Suited For Success. Highlights from MBCC Awards and Birmingham Awards, Spotlight featuring Emily Allen & Cover story - TAG Network Midlands' Founder & CEO Denise Morris

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