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Spotlight Feature

Molly Minshull

I would like to share that it’s okay to make mistakes, it only makes you stronger and more determined to succeed.

Tell Us About


I'm Molly Minshull

Age: 22

Occupation: Recruitment Artisan

Sector: Marketing Recruitment

Company: Habakuk Recruitment


Which inspirational quote describes you best?

"You were born to be an original, don’t die a copy” - John Mason

What do you love about the Midlands region?

Originally I was born in Coventry but the majority of my life I have lived in Royal Leamington Spa in Warwickshire. It’s a nice town about 40 minutes from Birmingham.


Tell us about your interests and hobbies?

In my spare time I enjoy fashion, music, reading, exercising, going out with my friends and spending time with family and boyfriend.


I am a real Foodie, I love going on Holidays or away for the weekend, visiting different cities. I enjoy bike rides, picnics and having drinks at the pub.


You can often find me dancing around my kitchen with friends with a glass of Gin & tonic in my hand.

Personal &Career Journey?

My first job when I was 14 was a Saturday job at a hairdressers, I enjoyed it and felt it was the path I should take when I left school at 16. I completed my Hairdressing apprenticeship and stayed in the industry for almost 6 years. While I enjoyed a good few years of working with hair, I felt that I was lacking something.


My passion and drive just wasn’t there anymore, I realised I needed a change. I knew Lauren my CEO through a friend of mine and she saw potential in me that, at that time, I didn’t see in myself. Lauren took a chance on me and offered me a position at Habakuk.


I have surprised myself achieving personal goals I didn’t believe I was capable of.

What is your career goals and aspirations?

In 3 years’ time I would like to manage my own team at Habakuk, helping others achieve and succeed.


In 5 years’ time I hope to continue up the career ladder of success as I don’t just want to be a mediocre employee, I see myself growing as the business does and who knows what and where that might be!


What challenges do you face?

It’s usually the initial contact with clients that can be sometimes challenging, before they get to know me as a person and what values we have as company.


This industry can be tough at times, as it is perceived to be quite cold and of-course there is a lot of competition.

The reason we have had so much success in what we do is because of our core values of honesty, integrity and transparency and all of our team represents this. We have no struggles maintaining relationships with clients and often find we have repeat business because we are so personable. 

Can you tell us what is your most favourite aspect of your role?

My favourite aspect of the role has definitely got to be finding out the candidate, who I have personally got to know through the process has got their dream job!


It makes my day knowing I’ve helped someone in their next step in their career combined with the fact I have pleased my client by finding them a superstar!

I also really enjoy networking events where I can meet lots of interesting new faces.

What has been the best part of 2017 for you so far?

The best point of 2017 for me so far has got to be joining the Habakuk team in April! It’s been the most challenging, exciting and eye opening 6 months so far.


I was oblivious to the world of business outside of hairdressing up until this point, as I had always been stuck in my own bubble.


Joining Habakuk has really improved my confidence massively and taken me out of my comfort zone. I wouldn’t change where I am now for the world!


What has been your greatest career milestone to date?

My greatest achievement to date would definitely have to be making 3 placements in one week. It was great feeling to have my hard work pay off and to have made that many people happy. I certainly celebrated that weekend.

What would you like to achieve in the future?

I would like to achieve happiness and success in all areas of my life. I want to always love what I’m doing and remain passionate for it.


I think it’s important to have a work-life balance and not just ‘live to work’ there is so much of the world I would like to see and experience.


As long as I always have the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality and priorities are straight.

What advice or tips of positivity would you like to share with others?

I would like to share that it’s okay to make mistakes, it only makes you stronger and more determined to succeed.


If you don’t step out of your comfort zone you are not going to grow and nothing will change. I really like the quote – ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’