TAG Network Midlands' leader membership offering caters for Leaders within the region to access peer contacts, online leadership sessions, in-person networking events, guest speaker opportunities, as well as training courses to support 360° leadership development.


This specific membership offers our leader members a variety of monthly events, content and online sessions to keep individuals super-connected through professional growth.

leader membership features

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TAG Network midlands members can gain access to monthly online video content & resources through our exclusive 'membership online' platform to enhance learning & development.

online session
& content

Male Speaker

our leader members will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with our wider network.  

We have a host of leadership events, professional development sessions, and roundtable discussions for our leader members to get involved in & raise their professional profile.

guest speaker opportunities

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engage with multi-sector professionals, entrepreneurs & leaders within region through networking events hosted around the Midlands

networking events

Business Meeting
tag network midlands leadership collective is a unique leadership resource for leaders to come together to engage in in-depth leadership discussions, events, support, and participation in regional opportunities with fellow business influencers

exclusive roundtable/panel discussions 

Job Interview

Leader members will be able to use to our Careers forum and gain access to recruitment & HR tools, advice from recruiters & online learning platform in partnership with oxbridge.

access to recruitment & talent development tools

leader membership bENEFITS & associate services

we have a list of membership associates who have partnered with us to provide free, discounted, or exclusive services for our leader members